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Hi, I'm Keith,

I am a time served photographer based in Carrbrook, East Manchester. I enjoy the creative process and have worked with models of all shapes sizes and experience. I specialise in working on location especially derelict and disused locations. I am able to travel within a reasonable distance of manchester for shoots. I occasionally travel to the Angus area of Scotland for family visits and can also fit some shoots in then dependant on times and location.


I like to specialise in 3 main areas – Portraiture, Boudoir & fetish. However I am keen to try other genres.


Portraiture is the art of making a portrait, which is a close study of one person. Taking a candid snapshot of your friend riding by on her skateboard isn’t portraiture. But if you ask your friend to pose with her skateboard while you take a photo — that’s what portraiture is all about.


Boudoir photography is the creation of images in a bedroom themes setting. Usually emphasising the lines and shape of the subject. Nightwear is usually worn in these settings but it can also feature nudity with carefully placed fabrics or objects.

Boudoir photography is usually made to show a strong, independant subject who is confident in their sensuality.


Fetish photography is a catch-all phrase for a number of different subjects and subject matter that is largely composed of sexual fetishes, fetish fashion, bondage, domination, submission, and the people and community that practice those activities or identify as a member.

Some of the subjects of fetish photography include, but are definitely not limited to, foot fetish, dominatrix, fetish fashion, BDSM, shibari, ass or leg fetish, transvestism, balloons, furries, amazons, wrestling, pregnancy, giantess, sploshing, and just about anything else you can imagine. Most of these things take on a sexual element, but that’s not necessarily required.

Fetish photography differs from other types of photography because it includes those subjects and characteristics, but often the lines are blurred. Fashion photography, music videos, movies, comics, and advertising have appropriated the look and style of fetish photography to give their work an edge or make it more sexy.

Let life come into focus.