About Me

Why do I do this?

Because I enjoy the whole process from imagining the initial concept to shooting and then to the final image

Whats my best image?

I’ve yet to shoot it. Its somewhere in my head waiting to be taken. Until then I am gonna keep on shooting. Once I shoot it I’ll know.

Who do I shoot?

I’m happy to photograph you, your brother, your sister, your mum, your dad or your dog. I’m not fussy, plus whilst I’m shooting, you’re the boss.

What do I shoot?

What ever you want as long as its safe, sane and legal I will give it a go. Im happy to work indoors outdoors in a studio in the woods or lakes, rivers, reservoirs, streets, valleys ,mountains whatever peaks your and my imagination. But above all the main thing is that we all have fun and the result is some stunning imagery.

I have always fooled around with cameras from my teens. I enjoyed shooting landscapes, trains, planes, vehicles & family and friends. Then, eight years ago, whilst accompanying my partner to one of her modelling shoots I thought to myself I can do better, the results you see here hopefully they stand up to that?

Im a 54 year old Northern (yes it needs a capital, I’m proud of my roots) monkey, a father of four kids. I have three grand kids who I spoil rotten whenever I can.

I have lived around Manchester all my life and am equally at home in the city as romping around the moors. My main passions are family, photography, football, cars, trains, planes and local history. I am happy traveling to new places exploring and learning as I am sitting in front of the telly watching nonsense.


Keith Powrie